Untrustworthy Trust?

In the overall inflationary world, there is one thing that is unabashedly southward bound. Sheena Bora murder has sent shock waves across the nation. With quest for materialism ever on the rise, human relationships have hit the nadir. Human life is becoming cheaper by the minute. Today even the most trusted relationships need revalidation. The institution of family is under severe stress. The world traditionally looked up to India as the ultimate custodian of the family values. Earlier when courts convicted Aarusi’s parents for her murder, the nation’s conscience was grievously hurt. We moved on praying it was an aberration. Today we stand challenged with our morals exposed. Are the perils of materialism coming to traumatize us? Or, we have simply corrupted our DNA? No easy answer as trust itself is seeking a new definition. Wish it was just another bad dream!



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