A ‘Leader’ Is Born!

For a decade India was ruled by someone who has been anything but a mass leader. But that did not really matter? Dr Manmohan Singh has the distinction of being the longest serving premier outside of Nehru- Gandhi family. 2014 decisively changed the political course in India. A mass leader rode to power in New Delhi. The syndrome got reinforced with the overwhelming performance of Arvind Kejriwal earlier this year. Hardik Patel is the new kid on the block in India. He is all over thanks to his ability to garner large crowds at his maiden reservation rally in Ahmadabad. He does not support any ideology but has a calling card up his sleeve. His rally has reignited the crucial debate about what suits India best: Mass leaders without any ideological drive or ideologically sound politicians without any mass appeal.

Pic Courtesy: indianews.com
Pic Courtesy: indianews.com

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