Political Subsidy?

Politics in India is a lifelong profession. Politicians might reluctantly fade away but they never give up hope to bounce back one day. Quite a few actually manage to make the cut when most have written them off. But what makes Farooq Abdullah tick? He somehow managed to bag a berth in the UPA 2 cabinet. The J&K assembly polls outcome marginalized him and his party. Ex super spy A S Daulat’s book on Kashmir resurrected him briefly when it painted him as a victim of alleged Vajpayee double speak on making him vice president. The Indo-Pak NSA talk’s failure had him bat against Hurriyat while his son had his own line on the controversy. With the LPG subsidy plea, Abdullah has managed to hit the headline again. The ‘lion’ of Kashmir sure needs better luck to survive. Tomorrow is another day!

Pic Courtesy: India Today
Pic Courtesy: India Today

One thought on “Political Subsidy?

  1. he has no claims to the title “lion of Kashmir” that was his late father. ” Tiger” has proclaimed himself to be. we did not need ASD to tell us about the double talk of ABV. all those who keep their ears grounded in K knew it since long. even less mortals like me knew it. may be the media needed this news more than him.
    i have not seen the subsidy form so cant check the dates, living here we were told to fill theses forms some time last winter i think in Dec. last year and the message was that it is mandated to continue receiving the service. the ques out side shops were almost unending. Give up call came much later.
    stretching it too far may be good on Times Now but not every where.


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