Learning From #SheenaBoraTragedy

The Sheena Bora diary has read the riot act to the urban middle class in India. Children and parents can no longer take each other for granted. In the era of 24×7 connected world, each individual in the family is perpetually engaged with the outside world even as the quality family time spent together is falling by the second. Eyeing constant materialistic growth, ever busy parents increasingly tend to buy love of their wards rather than earn it. The growing up stage for a child calls for attention from siblings, parents and preferably grand-parents to induce much needed safety valve. New age parents must stop just being ‘happy’ ATM vends.  The transactional nature of relationships has to end. A conscious effort to know and trust your children as they grow is the urgent need of the hour. You simply can’t rent out parenthood.

Pic Courtesy: ibnlive.com
Pic Courtesy: ibnlive.com

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