Missing Voter!

As you get out of the Patna airport, larger than life ‘election’ hoardings greet you. There is something unnerving about these hoardings. They are in your face and tell a story of neglect. The sheer size and brazenness of hoardings dwarfs the core constituency, the voter. The voter is no where visible as these hoardings at best tell a story of fierce and ugly battle between two individuals. Dateline Bihar is in the subtext and development slogan at best gets a cosmetic lips service. Are elections about issues, personalities or the voter? The cacophony of loudspeakers and the social media war leaves little space for the voter to be able to make an informed decision. There is no quarrel over personalities becoming the face of any campaign but if format substitutes content, it is indeed a worrying sign for the voter and democracy.

Pic Courtesy: Hindustan Times
Pic Courtesy: Hindustan Times


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