Poll Politics: Caste Vs Development

Will caste triumph development in upcoming Bihar polls? Caste narrative is predominant as development makes a feeble attempt to take centre-stage. Nitish Kumar created a mark of his own thanks to his commitment to development in the state. But ahead of the poll campaign he is navigating the vexed caste calculus as a key talking point. Kumar may himself be little discreet but Laloo Prasad Yadav sees caste calculation as sure shot winning formula. The vocal opposition to caste by young students at a television debate did take Laloo by surprise but he is undeterred. To speak for the downtrodden is one thing and to be able to make a positive difference to their lives is quite another. Laloo is an evergreen orator but his script is frozen in time. NDA alliance is yet to show it is above caste politics. Any genuine takers for Bihar 2.0?

Pic Courtesy: ibnlive.com
Pic Courtesy: ibnlive.com

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