‘Like’ versus ‘Dislike’

Facebook will add ‘dislike’ button to its news feed. ‘Dislike’ addition is to ostensibly help manifest emotions beyond ‘like’. The ‘dislike’ button is not a suo motu offering but a result of rising subscriber demand for variety in emotional expression. Is the move going to lead to serious sibling rivalry between ‘like’and ‘dislike’? It is early days but a safe bet can be placed on ‘like’ emerging the undisputed winner. Here is why: a) like is a safe happy emotion (here even a death announcement provokes ‘likes’ by hordes); b) pressing a like does not place any negative burden on the action while as dislike denotes clear cut negativity; c) Facebook’s news feed core today supports positive energy leaving little room for any dislike and d) for ‘dislike’ to dominate ‘like’ FB has to change its DNA. That is unlikely!

Pic Courtesy: www.vavel.com
Pic Courtesy: http://www.vavel.com


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