Railways 2.0

Chaos resigned as all signboards at Jammu Railway station flashed the horrifying announcement: All trains leaving the temple city on Sunday evening stand cancelled. To make matters worse there was no one to explain the sudden decision to shocked passengers. Unusual situations call for unusual response. Many passengers stayed put at the station itself while others retreated back into the city desperately looking for shelter. To confound the confusion, Railways resumed normal services in a few hours. The resumption came as unannounced as the cancellation. Admitted this was a one off incident but it showed Railways had little respect for the consumer. Indian Railways, which ferries about 23 million passengers daily, is long awaiting a paradigm shift in its service orientation. It has to embrace technology. Digital India offers a great opportunity. Excessive focus on fare politics has to end to deliver a new age service quality.

Pic Courtesy: www.jkonline.com
Pic Courtesy: http://www.jkonline.com

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