Saluting Lata!

Living legend Lata Mangeshkar turns 86 today. The singing genius has been epitome of simplicity. Popularly known as Lata Di, she is best living example of an iconic brand that has survived and grown with age. Post her 1949 ‘Mahal’ Áayega Aanewala’ blockbuster song, the maestro has never looked back. Post Noorjehan’s migration to Pakistan, Mangeshkar got into her own, only improving with each passing day. Not that there was no competition at home but it is just that she soldiered on like a colossal. Lata though was lucky though to be mentored by geniuses in their own right-Ustad Amanat Ali Khan, Amanat Khan Devasale, Pandit Tulsidas Sharma and Ghulam Haider, who she has referred to as her Godfather. Today’s singers perhaps miss endurance on offer from some of these greats who teach you above all to stay course. Long live Lata!

Happy B'day, Lata Di!
Happy B’day, Lata Di!

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