#SwachBharat Makeover!

Last year Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the country-wide #SwachBharat campaign to mark the birth anniversary of Father of the nation. The campaign caught everyone’s imagination with the Prime Minister himself nominating select individuals to lend muscle to it. The chain effect created a lot of euphoria with celebrities drawn from various walks of life leading the broom campaign. Soon after, however, the campaign became victim of the photo op syndrome. The clamor to be seen wielding the broom in attendance of cameras killed the soul. Now audits point to severe gaps in promise and delivery. This does not mean there is anything wrong with the idea. We deserve a clean India but have to collectively strive for it. The government has to quickly create a robust institutional framework to ensure implementation. Let this Gandhi Jayanti see #SwachBharat campaign get a makeover minus the stars and lights.



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