Saluting Sartaz

Sartaz Ahmed, son of slain Dadri resident, Ahlaq Ahmed, comes across as a symbol of hope at a time when darkness seems to engulf us. His message of peace and unity at a time when he is in grief shows the mirror to politicians of all hues who are out to make political capital out of #Dadrilynching. His pitch for amity resonates across the country as a voice of restraint and reason. If Sartaz is a picture of stoic composure, why is it that politicians are out there to feast on the Dadri tragedy? Azam Khan, a minister in SP government in UP, has announced his decision to take Dadri case to the UN. This is a dangerous trend. His government ought to focus on dousing the fire rather than inflaming passions. Let focus be on giving Akhlaq speedy justice.

Pic Courtesy: Indian Express
Pic Courtesy: Indian Express

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