October 20: India’s Valentine Day!


October 20 is no ordinary day. It is the day that can truly be called as India’s Valentine Day. This day 20 years ago a debutante director showed the world the magic of pure unadulterated love. The DDLJ magic endures. DDLJ redefined the power of love as it attracted record after record at the box office. The victory of selfless love crafted the success behind the longest running movie ever made in Bollywood. Maratha Mandir, the iconic movie hall in Mumbai, that has been resonating with the DDLJ music for two decades, continues to draw love hungry audiences even today. Cinematic excellence apart, DDLJ phenomenon owes its much success to its firm rooting in Indian family values. It exemplifies the power of pure love. DDLJ holds immense value to post 90-born gen: Love flourishes when self ceases to exist. No price tags, please!


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