Pic Courtesy: www.indiatvnews.com
Pic Courtesy: http://www.indiatvnews.com

Elections in a democracy are about giving primacy to the voter. But with each passing election the voter seems to be getting the short shrift. #BattleForBihar has shown it is all about clash of titans with the voter having a mere symbolic presence. Battling legacy issues, star cast of Bihar polls has ensured that this poll is all about managing headlines and not the voter expectations. The development slogan made a brief appearance only to be drowned by the vulgar ‘Tu Tu Main Main’ syndrome. The large turnout is indeed a happy sign but the tragedy of Bihar is the frailty of the options on offer. In the world of abuse, it is difficult to distinguish one option from the other. As a ‘Bahari’ my heart goes out for the ‘Bihari’! Will we ever get to see Bihar 2.0?


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