Pic Courtesy: The Indian Express

Nitish Kumar is the flavour of the season. He can probably do no wrong? His Cabinet composition, however, has already caused some discomfort. As someone who pioneered the girl student bicycle scheme, the decision to have merely two women ministers in his Cabinet has obviously disappointed. It is true that the number of women legislators fell from 34 in 2010 to 28 in 2015. There is room for course correction as Kumar can add another seven ministers to achieve the optimum level of 36 members Cabinet. Politicians of all hues are vocal about women empowerment but shy away from bringing some kind of parity when it comes to sharing power. An all India 2013 study of women representation in state cabinets’ showed the hollowness of gender empowerment slogans. The study pegged the average representation at a mere 1.54 per cent.

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