Social media signs

Finally, @MumbaiPolice is a reality! Mumbai Police has made its long overdue Twitter debut. Better late than never. Led by Twitter, social media is changing the ways India is being governed. Leading from the front is @narendramodi with 16.9m followers. His use of Twitter to conduct swift and potent diplomacy has generated global headlines. Senior Union Cabinet ministers like @sureshpprabhu & @SushmaSwaraj have earned accolades for being available to ordinary citizens in times of distress. This is pretty encouraging. Social media use has some side effects too. It has become an effective tool to conduct at times (dirty) politics. This trend has come in for some sharp criticism given the advent of trolls and premium on nuisance. This, however, should not be used as an excuse by those in power who are yet to log on to the e-governance story unfolding in India.

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