They bowled India to an outstanding Test win against formidable S.Africa at home. The last match at Delhi early December produced splendid spin bowling performance pitchforking R Ashwin and R Jadeja to the top ICC Cricketers Club of performers for 2015. What has changed in a month? Home pitch advantage no longer wrests with India as it engages Australia as a visitor. Now look what that means to bowling averages of our match winning spin wizards in India. Ashwin’s Delhi Test record was indeed impressive. 62.4 overs, 31 maidens, 87 runs and seven wickets.  Look at the contrast in Perth. The spin master bowled 9 overs and gave away 61 runs for two wickets at the first India-Australia ODI. Jadeja fared no better and went wicket less. Between the two of them they bowled 18 overs and gave away 129 runs. Thereby hangs a tale. Pitch makes all the difference.


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