Pic Courtesy: India Today

Listed companies by habit embrace silence ahead of their quarterly results. The silence period is enforced by practice rather than by any explicit regulation. The key is fear. But in politics silence (selective) is an intrinsic part of strategy. Former Prime Minister P V Narasimaha Rao made a virtue of silence. Even his close confidants could not read his lips. All in all his silence did more good than harm. Strategic silence has though another virulent hue. Remember the stony but strategic silence over KP exodus from the Valley. Silence here is a tool to draw political dividend; stay intelligent and stay ‘secular’. Today Anupam Kher (of late speaking for the plight of homeless Pandits) has been denied a Pak visa. There is general silence (save Shashi Tharoor who is his own man). Strategy isn’t about what to do but what not to do?


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