140 Wordz blog took birth this day a year ago recalling the tragic story of massacre of Kashmiri Pandits at Nadimarg in 2003. Titled ‘Nadimarg Haunts’ the blog captured the abject failure of not only the state but also the civil society to address the Kashmiri Pandit tragedy brought about by Pakistan sponsored terror. As always Pakistan’s envoy has invited Hurriyat leaders to attend the ‘Pakistan Day’ function here on March 23. Hurriyat, that claims to champion the cause of people of Kashmir, has remained woefully silent on issue of forced KP exodus. PDP, whose CM ruled the state in 2003, is as usual silent. Barring Congress’s Salman Soz no one has cared to remember the unrivaled tragedy. Omar Abdullah is busy shadowing Mehbooba as J&K again awaits a government. In the capital, both BJP & Congress have better things to do than remember Nadimarg!


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