#Dangal: #ReelVsReal


Post independence, India has witnessed mushrooming of political dynasties of all hues. With each passing decade, democracy has been incessantly victimized by the shameless quest to further political dynasties. Save the occasional murmur across civil society corridors, rise and rise of political dynasties has come to be accepted as the new normal in our polity. The ongoing UP #MahaDangal is a tragic result of dynasty politics plot having horribly gone wrong. It is a classic case of what a joint family doesn’t stand for in the traditional sense. The UP power cauldron is bound to shame the ethos of relationships that bind the society at large. Reel life #Dangal though holds the mirror to the society: Family success is important; but there is neither any reservation nor any short cut to success. But will politicians ever pay heed?


Picture Courtesy: Indian Express

#Dangal #AamirKhan #MulayamSinghYadav #AkhileshSinghYadav #SamajwadiParty

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