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(A)Swach Bharat!

India woke today to ugly pictures of a young couple in Delhi skidding off a heap of garbage as dirty politics derailed civility. At heart of this filth is the naked power struggle to control the powerful Muncipal Corporation of Delhi. The ugly spat makes a mockery of the much publicized Swach Bharat campaign launched last year by the Prime Minister. The bigger worry here though is the power struggle syndrome plaguing our society. Politics, irrespective of its color, displays in India a naked ambitious streak. Latest victim of the power struggle is the dream of clean politics. Amid public hungama and bitter acrimony, the AAP rebel duo has formally been axed, with the two labeling it as death of democracy! But for Amar Singh there indeed is an ‘opportunity’! Any takers yet for Swach politics?

Picture Courtesy: Times of India
Picture Courtesy: Times of India

Atal Moment For Dhoni!

Had Dhoni won India the World Cup, he would rightly be a prime candidate to receive Bharat Ratna. It is sad that many today are gunning for his head for WC Semis capitulation. The affable young man from Ranchi have had to shun modesty to scotch rumour of his exit His comment citing age being on his side is a sign of his belief in his abilities and testimony to both his confidence and contribution to the game in India. There is striking similarity between what Dhoni said yesterday and what one of the best ever Prime Ministers of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee said years ago. Vajpayee made the famous comment that he was neither tired nor retired to squash rumours of mid-term resignation. There has been inordinately delay in honouring Vajpayee and there is undue haste in writing Dhoni’s obituary!

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Courtesy: Patrika
Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Courtesy: Patrika

Move on India!

It may not make you puke as much as the last ball six of Chetan Sharma by Javed Miandad at Sharjah.The beating today in WC Semis has though hurt grievously. As Miandad swung his arms on April 18, 1986, India’s confidence took an unprecedented beating. That was about 30 years ago. India then was a poor laggard. India has today not only firmed its place among the top cricket teams but counts among the most promising global economies. Keen to conquer whatever it surveys, a defeat is sure hard to digest, especially for the young and restless. As a driven mature nation, we must learn to take defeat in our stride. Sight of security personnel outside Dhoni’s house shows the ugly side of treating cricket as religion. Move on India! Serious work to be done..

Security outside Dhoni's house in Ranchi Pic Courtesy: ANI
Security outside Dhoni’s house in Ranchi
Pic Courtesy: ANI/Firstpost

Cup of Woes!

India is a land of stark contrasts: look at two dates, March 24 and 26, this year. Separated by just a day, these two dates tell their own sordid story. If March 24 held the mirror to the nation to a lurking danger, March 26 is billed to be the day India would have conquered the world. On March 24 India got reminded of the grim reality of fatal Tuberculosis having returned with vengeance. We largely chose to ignore the writing on the wall. A day later a billion plus population nervously sleeps on the edge dreaming of the Cup. Fetish for numbers in India is indeed selective. Swine flu death toll here at 1911 and rising every minute does not really hurt! Besides being the diabetes capital, India has highest number of heart attack deaths. Children & women malnutrition levels are abysmal. India! India! India! swine flu

Tame The (I)mperial (P)olitical (L)eague!

Even a rented jhuggi in the capital costs a few grand K. Today RJD is in news for occupying prime real estate at Rs 333 per month even when it boasts of grand ITO head quarters in the Capital. BJP soon after assuming office proposed to give itself two more acres. Both Cong & BJP occupy eight properties each in VP House. In addition, Cong has 5 & BJP 2 bungalows in Delhi. Squatting is common among India’s political elite.The East India Company gave squatting a new name. In the name of doing trade it ruled India from 1757 to 1858. India remained ruled until 1947. Post independence it is the Imperialistic Political League that redefines squatting.  This mindset among the Indian political class is omnipresent. Ironically, narrow vote bank politics divides them bitterly while lure of the land unites them.

Lutyen's Delhi Courtesy Passages to India @
Lutyen’s Delhi
Courtesy Passages to India @

Nadimarg Haunts!

Today Pakistan celebrates its National Day. As celebrations spill over to its New Delhi High Commission, comes the shocking news of 7 Hurriyat leaders here joining the party. The Pakistan High Commission is well within its rights to celebrate its National Day but by inviting Hurriyat and its agreeing to join the celebrations the atmosphere has yet again got vitiated. The NDA government is seeking refuge in semantics drawing a difference between Hurriyat joining National Day celebration and holding dialogue over the Kashmir cauldron. The Modi government is guided here by narrow vote bank politics having partnered PDP to rule J&K. Will someone shed a tear for innocent 24 KPs’ massacred at Nadimarg in Valley this day in 2003.

24 KP dead bodies lined up ahead of the mass cremation in Nadimarg, Kashmir, on March 23, 2003 (Photo Courtesy Face Book page of Hindu Human Rights)
24 KP dead bodies lined up ahead of the mass cremation in Nadimarg, Kashmir, on March 23, 2003
(Photo Courtesy Face Book page of Hindu Human Rights)