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Sachin-Kohli: Brothers In Class Act


Sachin – Kohli comparison is obvious. Both are united by their quest for records that make their bios look outstanding. Study of their respective statistics shows how lucky India is to have yet another batting genius on its rolls. Sachin grew on us all like a phenomenon and endured the class almost until the end. Kohli’s innings has been no less than a  blockbuster. His rise has been unprecedented. Captaining India in the five day format for about a year or more now, ICC decision to anoint him as World T20 XI leader has demonstrated his all round capability in the highly competitive world of cricket. Now Kohli is set to overtake his idol off field as well. With 10.2m Twitter followers today, he follows Tendular closely at 10.3m. ‘God of cricket’ would only be happy so long as Kohli performs.

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Did you miss Captain Cool at 2016 India T20 World Cup campaign launch attended by top global cricket administrators? Well he might have been busy chiselling his football skills somewhere else. But if you look at M S Dhoni’s latest Twitter bio there is a story waiting to unfold. The verified account bio says “Member Team India…” Is it an innocent typo or is he simply telling us something that we do not yet know officially? The T20 Campaign launch though did have its fair bit of Dhoni. India XI Test Captain Virat Kohli used the opportunity to heap praise on his predecessor. He proclaimed that Dhoni had nothing left to achieve in the career. To complete the Dhoni worship, Ajinyake Rahane described him as his most favourite batsman in short format.  Mind you all the laudatory references were in the past tense!

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Umpires Are Stars Too!

Sundaram Ravi! The name does not ring a bell. You have most probably seen him but would not remember him by his name. Thereby hangs a sad tale! Ravi has broken an 11 year drought for India. For a country where cricket is religion, India went unrepresented on the 22 yards for more than a decade. Having now been included in the elite International Cricket Council (ICC) elite, Ravi has filled a void created 11 years ago with the retirement of S Venkataraghvan. Not to play the spoilsport in the all round celebratory sentiment, one should shy away from asking the key question: why is that India fails to produce world standard umpires? India is home to all formats of the game with the sport being played in each nook and corner of the country.  BCCI has to take responsibility and act on priority!

Pic Courtesy: ICC/Indian Express
Pic Courtesy: ICC/Indian Express