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The nation is one in paying tribute to the valiant soldier who died in service of the country. His heart beat, amidst a mountain of snow, gave rise to a billion plus hopes. It reinforced the Supreme Power syndrome. In his passing away, the inevitability of death has been underscored. The tragedy has witnessed a grateful nation value the spirit of sacrifice of our forces. Hanumanthappa Koppad has rightly become a household name. But he was not alone. Koppad was among 10 soldiers who were swept away by an ice wall while guarding the Sonam post in Siachen area. Each and every soldier, out there to defend the nation, deserves equal attention in life and in death. Indian defence personnel are second to none when it comes to their commitment. No difference should be observed in the way the nation treats them in their martyrdom.

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Listed companies by habit embrace silence ahead of their quarterly results. The silence period is enforced by practice rather than by any explicit regulation. The key is fear. But in politics silence (selective) is an intrinsic part of strategy. Former Prime Minister P V Narasimaha Rao made a virtue of silence. Even his close confidants could not read his lips. All in all his silence did more good than harm. Strategic silence has though another virulent hue. Remember the stony but strategic silence over KP exodus from the Valley. Silence here is a tool to draw political dividend; stay intelligent and stay ‘secular’. Today Anupam Kher (of late speaking for the plight of homeless Pandits) has been denied a Pak visa. There is general silence (save Shashi Tharoor who is his own man). Strategy isn’t about what to do but what not to do?




True to tradition, latest talk of India-Pak dialogue has met with mixed response. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has earned the reputation of blowing hot and cold on Pakistan. He created history when he invited Nawaz Sharief to his swearing-in-ceremony. Thereafter, Modi has been inconsistent even as his supporters claim he has a clear plan up his sleeve. Clearly the verdict on his Pakistan policy isn’t out yet given no perceptible change in the ground situation. There, however, is an interesting difference this time: External Affairs minister Sushma Swaraj will take direct charge when she visits Pakistan tomorrow. Swaraj has done pretty well in her role given that the Prime Minister has hogged the limelight on foreign policy issue. Swaraj would of course go by the overall brief but here is her big moment to tell Pakistan that India means business as never before.


Pic Courtesy: www.in.com
Pic Courtesy: http://www.in.com

#GeetaReturnsHome trended right through the day. The happy development signaled soothing of hostile nerves between two borders at each other’s throat. The office bearers of Édhi Foundation that took care of Geeta during her stay in Pakistan rightly took centre-stage with both Prime Minister and Foreign minister lauding its efforts. But the bonhomie was short lived given that Pakistan government spokesperson used the Geeta return episode to demand release of 400 prisoners allegedly held captive in India. The foreign affairs minister steered clear of any controversy during her press conference to stay focused on Geeta’s return. Now comes the sad development that Edhi Foundation has refused the aid offered by Indian Prime Minister. Modi had tweeted saying “What Edhi had done was priceless to be measured…”. It is indeed good news that Geeta is home but a major thaw in relationship is quite unlikely.