Net Neutrality For Brand India!

As politicians clamor to draw political dividends out of 124th birth anniversary of father of Indian constitution, the world pays a tribute to the revolutionary leader. Dr. B R Ambedkar is face to face today with millions of Google users as its Doodle displays a picture of the man who gave India the inclusive charter. The Doodle is on display in several countries including India, Argentina, Chile, Ireland, Peru, Poland, Sweden and UK. The recognition marks growing respect for thought leaders from India and its inclusive framework. Google Doodle has earlier also on numerous occasions showcased ethos of the brand India through its diverse festivals. Rising soft power has perched India up in the galaxy of nations. India story has gone globally viral thanks to unfettered freedom afforded by the Internet. Thereby hangs a tale. Long live net neutrality!



One thought on “Net Neutrality For Brand India!

  1. Brand India has surely grown over the years but there is still that has to be done to change the image. All those westerners who come to the country still have to see open defecation and urination. They have to see dirty roads and neighbourhoods.


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