Beefed Up Violence

Violence in state assemblies in India is not new. But what happened in J&K assembly is shocking for it reflects publicly the alarming religious divide among legislators. Violence of any kind is to be abhorred. But to prevent recurrence, it is important to put the development in context. The Langet independent legislator, who is known for his anti-India utterances, held a beef party at MLA quarters. The assembly attack comes in wake of BJP move to demand capital punishment for those who violate J&K Constitution that calls for total beef ban. The move is being resisted by non-BJP legislators. The PDP-BJP coalition supposed to usher in a new chapter in the state has unfortunately pushed mainstream Valley parties closer to separatist agenda. That is why Omar Abdullah is a changed man today. To secure India’s interests, a rethink is overdue.

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Pic Courtesy:

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