(A)Swach Bharat!

India woke today to ugly pictures of a young couple in Delhi skidding off a heap of garbage as dirty politics derailed civility. At heart of this filth is the naked power struggle to control the powerful Muncipal Corporation of Delhi. The ugly spat makes a mockery of the much publicized Swach Bharat campaign launched last year by the Prime Minister. The bigger worry here though is the power struggle syndrome plaguing our society. Politics, irrespective of its color, displays in India a naked ambitious streak. Latest victim of the power struggle is the dream of clean politics. Amid public hungama and bitter acrimony, the AAP rebel duo has formally been axed, with the two labeling it as death of democracy! But for Amar Singh there indeed is an ‘opportunity’! Any takers yet for Swach politics?

Picture Courtesy: Times of India
Picture Courtesy: Times of India

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