End Of An Era! Let Several Kalams Mushroom!

Good that the President & Prime Minister broke away from protocol to receive the mortal remains of people’s president. In a nation where polity is driven by negativity and dissension, A P J Abdual Kalam stood out as a shining role model who commanded respect across political spectrum. What would thus be the best tribute to the man countrymen hailed as a true Bharat Ratna? Kalam blended artfully many rare qualities: humility, dreamer, achiever, student, teacher and above all a nationalist to the core. Statesmen politicians of such caliber are now an endangered species. This doesn’t augur well for India. The Modi government should quickly set up A P J Institute of Polity with stalwarts like L K Advani, Somnath Chatterjee, Manmohan Singh and Manik Sarkar, and their likes. The Institute will mentor GenX Netas for a healthy and positive India.

Pic Courtesy: Indian Express
Pic Courtesy: Indian Express

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