A Firm HandSHAKE!

Doctrines are mere slogans. Right! Wrong!  Narendra Modi has proved his “Neighbourhood First” doctrine isn’t a mere slogan. It does not therefore surprise to see India offer a strong helping hand to Nepal in its hour of tragedy. India’s response has been quick, firm and profound signalling a new responsibility. When he took oath last year, his invite to heads of states of neighbouring countries was a pleasant surprise. Modi chose Bhutan as first country to visit abroad as Prime Minister. He became the first PM to visit Nepal in 17 years. Last month he visited Seychelles, Mauritius and Sri Lanka giving fillip to his “Neighbourhood First” policy. Modi has an aspiration for a strong regional block of SAARC member countries. Friends can change but not neighbours who have to live together. Hope the message is not lost on anyone? 

Pic Courtesy: Getty Images
Pic Courtesy: Getty Images

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