Say No To 2-Minute Solutions!

Launched in India on January 6, 1984, Maggi has been an undisputed market leader for 30 long years. The enviable status, however, does not absolve the company of any alleged wrong doing. It is imperative that Nestle comes fully clean. This episode underscores the need to strengthen the food regulator, the Food Safety Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). The Authority, which is under the administrative control of the health ministry, is without a permanent chairperson.  Meanwhile, the consumer ministry has jumped into the Maggi soup. FSSAI came into being to administer a single food law as against six various laws. That is yet to happen. As stakeholders, the consumer affairs, healthy and the chemicals and fertilizer ministry (which oversees department of pharmaceuticals) need to be completely aligned if FSSAI has to truly fulfil its mandate. No one will then take it for granted!

Pic Courtesy: Mid Day
Pic Courtesy: Mid Day

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