(A)Swachh Bharat!

Ironically, we have come full circle. Last August India was home to a new leader and a bold new slogan. Swachh Bharat captured the imagination of a billion plus people given the steely resolve of the man India trusted to deliver. The slogan has lost its sanctity. New Delhi is today confronted with a mammoth civic mess. Locked in a bitter battle for control, the Delhi government and Centre have ensured that Swachh Bharat campaign becomes a victim of garbage politics. Not to lag behind the new look Yuvraj has joined the mess to feast on the garbage controversy. East Delhi, which got a massive facelift thanks to 2010 CWG in the Union capital, has become a 15 ton+ garbage dump. Delhi blames Centre and vice versa! Congress is happy blaming both. Who do citizens of Delhi blame? Themselves??



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