Excel To Win!

Virat Kohli era has just begun. Breathless pundits are sticking their neck out to say that the Jharkhand boy’s days are all over. Risk a loss for a win is said to be Kohli’s star USP. Good as it long as it lasts. Remember the success story of Indian international cricket in recent years has primarily been a result of institutionalizing excellence rather than merely basking in glory of individual stars. In recent years Sourav Ganguly laid a strong foundation moving away from Bombay and Delhi club to locate and promote talent from the rest of India. Dhoni strengthened the talent scouting and development framework bringing unrivaled calm and poise to the game. Kohli & Co have to sustain ascent on excellence and make winning a habit for India. Then only Dhoni and many stalwarts before him can truly enjoy their retirement.


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