Pic Courtesy: www.huffingtonpost.in
Pic Courtesy: http://www.huffingtonpost.in

Dadri has been replaced by Ballabgarh. The photo-op politics that feeds on blood of innocents has to come to an end. The brutal death of two infants in ugly violence shows apathy of the state government. In what is said to be a case of personal enmity, police entrusted with the task of ensuring safety of the family shed its responsibility. The fact that it is a Dalit family at personal loss makes matters worse. But for politicians of all hues the Dalit issue is something to draw political dividend. Politicians, who earlier made a beeline to Dadri, to only add fuel to fire, have now turned their eyes to feast on the latest Dalit tragedy. The ruling state government has left a void by not immediately rushing to assuage the grievously hurt sentiments. When will our politicians look beyond themselves?


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